Reviewer Guidelines

At Scelso Publishers, we keep in account the importance of an effective peer review when authors choose to submit their manuscripts. The reason for this is to be transparent and have a free-fair judgement on correct efforts input by our esteemed submitters. We try to establish and sustain peer review integrity on every journal under the publishing house. The review process slightly varies from journal to journal, but this guide gives an overview of what’s involved in becoming a reviewer with a Scelso journals. The variance depends on the type of manuscripts submitted and length of it.

We usually follow the double-blind review process as the critics do not know that you are the author of the article. And neither do you know who the critics are involved. Double-blind reviews ensure especially an unbiased recommendation.

All peer reviewers must follow these ethical guidelines for Scelso Publishers journal articles in review:

  • Reviewers are required to impartially review each submitted manuscript. They should judge each on its merits, regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender, seniority or institutional affiliation of the author.
  • Reviewers should declare any conflict of interest before agreeing to examine a manuscript. It includes any relationship with the author that could expel their review undertaken.
  • Reviewers should maintain confidentiality of the peer review process. They should not communicate information or correspondence about a manuscript to anyone outside the peer review process.
  • Reviewers should provide a constructive, comprehensive, evidence-based and sufficiently substantial peer review report.
  • Reviewers must avoid making statements in their report that could be interpreted as compromising anyone's reputation.
  • Reviewers should make every reasonable attempt to present their report and recommendation on time. They should inform the publisher if it is not possible to do so.
  • Reviewers should call to the journal editor’s attention any significant similarity between the manuscript under consideration and any published paper or submitted manuscripts of which they are aware.

Publishing Process