About Scelso Publishers

The scientific publishing organization is an asset of interdisciplinary scholarly publications. The journal’s under its supervision includes publications on latest research and developments in various fields of clinical, medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and related sciences. Under single roof it brings the advancement updates with usage of e-information to be handy and without confinement. The publishing group is skilled and empowered with scientific implementation of global access involving personnel to have broad exchange of knowledge source. Pertaining to its exposure at international level it retains its basic interest on innovative and fact associated nature of publishing ethics. The intention of the publishing organization is to improvise the trending research into publications to reach out to the brain teasers’ pacification.

Vision and Mission

The group stands up with vision to promote the open access publication across worldwide with dissemination of scientific research and innovations. The mission of journals under the group is to squeeze the barrier of geographical disparity for the sake of open knowledge by means of e-access of today’s need sitting at any corner of the world. Apart it conglomerates all scientific publications under single platform to have decisive approach to eliminate doubts and confusion on mingling biological phenomenon. The dynamic and crosstalk nature of vivid research developments and explorations often generates lot of queries for upcoming researchers. The journals under the publishing group intends to be a torch bearer to have clear-cutting idea and sustaining the evidence for scientific priority to decipher unknown findings.

Visualizing the need of societies in several subjects and with mission towards solving the burning issues confronted by it are inculcated with scientific awareness by means of e-publications.

Aim and Motto

Curiosity and inquisitiveness in scientific world leads with thinking in resolving issues. So, the article published aims to enlighten global researchers offering excellent literature access which gets publishing of the content with rigorous peer-review. The motto of the organization remains with qualitative outcomes on highest presenting innovations and trendy enlightenment of scientific pioneers associated with it.

The exclusive and pivotal bench strength of publishing group aims at eliminating the hidden occupancy of facts contradictory to other leading publications with exposure as Open Access. On establishing and sticking to its publication targets the group welcomes to all communities, societies and leading forums to come forward join hand together to illuminate on scientific qualitative publication to be more open to world rather being limited to one.